Who are we?

Prater Collectibles is a family run business owned by George Prater and  Vickie Leach Prater.  The Leach family has been collecting postcards for over a century and started  actively buying and selling cards in the late 1970’s.  George began collecting postcards 30 years ago when he and Vickie married. Vickie is author of a postcard history series book on Macon, Georgia.  Vickie and George co-authored a postcard history series book on Rabun County, Georgia. Both books are available on this website. 

 Do you sell reproductions?

NO, we do not sell reproductions, reprints or copies.  All of our cards are original antiques. 

 How do I sell postcards I already own?

First thing I recommend is doing an internet search to see if there is a postcard club near you and find out if they are having a show near where you live. If you are ever in our area, we are a strong buyer of postcards.  Contact us if you have cards for sale. 

 Can I copy and use images from your site?

If you want to use an image from any of the Prater Collectible market channels, you need to purchase the item.  Once you own the card you can use it within the constraints of copyright laws regarding the original artist/publisher. Stealing images is a crime. 

 Can I link to your "History of Postcards” or other articles?

Yes,  the world of postcard collecting is so much fun, educational, and investment friendly that we love sharing information with all who are interested.

What are my shipping options?

We ship everything through the USPS using the fastest, safest, and most economically feasible methods.  Methods range from First class, Priority to Registered mail.  While we ship to most countries, we reserve the right to reject an order from countries where postal service is not dependable or insurance is not available.  

 Do you have a physical location we can visit?

 Yes, we are located in downtown Clayton, Georgia.  Our days and hours often vary so before you make  trip call us to be sure we will be open.  Also many of the cards  listed on this site are stored in a bank safe deposit box. So prior arrangements would have to be made to see some cards. Also if you are looking for specific topics/artists/locations... a heads up you are coming will give us time to locate cards of interest.  We have well over a million cards but only about 50,000 in our showroom. 

 Do you offer any guarantees?

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  We make ever effort to note any flaws in each card’s descriptions as well as provide excellent images.   Let us know of any issues and we will be very happy to work with you to resolve them so as to keep you a happy frequent customer.

 How fast can I expect to get my cards?

Transit times are controlled by USPS  and in the case of  international shipping, international postal services and customs.  We will notify you as soon as your cards are shipped.   Generally we require two to three business days processing.  RARELY it takes longer if we have to be out of town, but if that is ever the case we will notify you of the delay as quickly as possible.  We take pride in shipping fast and most packages arrive in about a week; however, international mail can often take a couple of weeks or more.  


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