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This is a new site that we are developing so new collections and cards are being added every day.  We are concentrating on scarce and better cards at first. Bookmark our site to check back often. If you are interested in specific better cards, drop us a note and we will attempt to add those cards faster (no promises).  We have almost 10,000 cards on eBay which you can see using the link below. 

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George Prater & Vickie Leach Prater

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eBay store = pratercollectibles  (clicking this link will take you to ebay) 

Ebay store has different cards than this website, so be sure to search both.

Buddy Ebsen from Swimming Schools to Movie Star

Buddy Ebsen from Swimming Schools to Movie Star

Was working on some Illinois cards and found an intriguing picture of a swimming school in Belleville.  Swimming schools were not common so I decided to do a little googling.
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Bibendum the Michelin Man

Bibendum the Michelin Man

Every company hopes that they can come up with a mascot or logo that defines them, Michelin achieved that goal and Bibendum the Michelin Man lives on.
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