Atlanta Georgia - Dancing Kid - Woodrow Herbert Daniel - Horse Wagon to Hollywood - RPPC


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Woodrow Herbert Daniel - The Dancing Kid with the Golden Voice

Real Photograph Postcard of the Horse and Covered Wagon he was travelling in from Atlanta Georgia to Hollywood California to Crash the Movies

Back of card is autographed by Daniel

Unfortunately I can't find where he ever was in a movie or became famous at all, but not for lack of trying.  A year after arriving in CA he rented the largest limo, tux and tails and showed up at a grand movie premier.  He garnered lots of attention but landed no movie contract that night. But still he made the the syndicated news in 1942 with his publicity stunts. 

Circa 1941 - Not Mailed 

***Card is in rough condition with multiple heavy creases..but image is so captivating that I love it anyway.

Please use ZOOM feature to study condition of item.  

Standard Size = Approximately 3.5" X 5.5" 

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